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Welcome to I Wrote That, a hub of information for authors looking to publish and share their work. This beautiful community is designed to bring resources and answers to authors who are seeking guidance,...


Setting Healthy Goals with Nicole MacCaron

Season #1

Writing a book takes a lot of dedication and you might be able to get away with some not so healthy habits, but Nicole MacCaron knows that if you want to write beyond the first book, you are going to need healthy...
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Editing Your Book

Season #1 Episode #11

Just when you think the hard part is over, you move into the editing stage of your manuscript. Join me as I explain the various types of editing and how you can do your book justice by selecting the right type of...
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Maeve Ferguson- Creating Funnels That Sell

Season #1 Episode #14

When it comes to marketing our books, the thought can be overwhelming, which is why I am pleased to bring Maeve Ferguson to the table. Her expertise in using quiz funnels to help get your book into the hands of...
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Finding creativity in the mundane and balancing life with writing with Jaclyn Cohen

Season #1 Episode #26

Becoming an author means tapping into a level of creativity that a lot of us may not have found since we were children. Join Jaclyn and I as we discuss how she finds creativity in strange places and how her books are...
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Escapism at its finest with Dedra Stevenson

Season #1 Episode #23

One of the best parts of being a writer is the ability to create your own reality. Join Dedra and I as we discuss how writing is a healthy form of escapism, creating healthy writing habits and handling feedback. her...
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Handling the pressure of NaNoWriMo with Jillian MacGregor

Season #1 Episode #25

NaNoWriMo is one of the most widely known writing events for authors that is totally free money wise but wildly expensive to your free time and possibly even your mental health.  Join Jillian and I as we talk about...
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Navigating Self Publishing with Bea Miller

Season #1 Episode #24

Self publishing is not for the faint of heart and like anything, there are pros and cons to going that route.  Join Bea and I as we discuss her self publishing journey and find out how she is leveraging Facebook...
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Morally Grey, Award Winning Characters

Season #1 Episode #21

Writing can take years and for this writer, she took her craft seriously.  Join Arabella and I as we discuss her award winning book and how she went about creating a morally grey character that you learn to...
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Julia Boggio- The Backside of Traditional Publishing

Season #1 Episode #12

Welcome to Julia Boggio, author of Shooters. Join us as we discuss the backside of traditional publishing, why she chose to go indie, and how TikTok played a role in it all. The world is not better on the other side,...
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Originality in our books with Amberly Henning

Season #1 Episode #22

When we write a book, something we all have to go through is finding comparative titles. Join Amberly and I as we discuss how hard that can be and how we worked around it.  Her book, Contained in Darkness, will be on...
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Douglas Weissman- Indie Press and Magic Systems

Season #1 Episode #17

When you step into the fantasy world, you are committing to creating an entirely new world for someone to step into. This means new rules! Join Douglas and I as we talk about what it means to be published by an indie...
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Monica MIller- Setting Intentions

Season #1 Episode #16

Intention is everything when it comes to writing your book. Join Monica Miller and I as we discuss what it means to set intentions for your book and how it can be the biggest thing standing between you and success. As...
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