Do you know the universal fact about being an author?

The sad reality is that most aspiring authors, at some point, will struggle to publish their books to the point that they never publish.
It might be that the writing is overwhelming and your head is filled with doubts and fears about being published. Or, it might be that you wrote the book with ease, but now you have absolutely no idea how to make it a five star read, get it published and market it in a way that actually makes an impact.
At the heart of this event, we're helping aspiring authors with the basics: nailing down the art of writing a five star read and creating the plan for how to make your book successful. We're here to share practical tips on the writing journey and what to do after you've typed "The End."



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Custom Author Plan

Picture this! You could have your entire author plan mapped out in one day WITH support from the pros. 
Using our custom workbook, each speaker will give you  actionable items from to help you make the right moves in your journey to authorship.
Gone are the days of events that leave you with nothing new to implement. We are going to give you the foundation to build out your plan. Then, we are going to guide you through creating that plan!


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Meet Your Team of Experts

Morning Schedule


Taking the Steps of Courage: Being Vulnerable and Sharing Your Story with the World with K LaFleur-Anders

Join K LaFluer as she guides you through the transformative journey of embracing vulnerability and courageously sharing your story with the world. Discover the power of authenticity in your writing and learn how to connect with your audience on a profound level.

What Does It Actually Take to Write a Book with Ruth Fae

Ruth Fae, a seasoned author, will unravel the mysteries of the writing process, providing practical insights into what it truly takes to write a book. Gain valuable tips, techniques, and inspiration to embark on your own writing journey.

 Crafting Impeccable Workbooks and Journals with Nicolette Halliday

Nicolette Halliday, a master in the art of workbook and journal crafting, will guide you in creating impactful supplementary materials for your book. Learn how to engage your audience beyond the pages of your book and enhance the overall reader experience.

Afternoon Schedule

Positioning You, Your Book and Your Brand Using Media with Bridget Sicsko and Lydia Bagarozza

Join Bridget Sickso and Lydia Bagarozza as they unravel the secrets of brand building and positioning through media. Discover how to leverage media channels to amplify your brand presence and establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche.

How to Market Your Non-Fiction Book with Melanie Herschorn

Melanie Herschorn, a marketing maven, will share proven strategies for effectively marketing your non-fiction book. From building a compelling author brand to navigating promotional channels, gain the tools you need to successfully market your literary creation.

Turning Your Book into a Keynote Speech with Fern Chan

Cap off the day with Fern Chan as she explores the art of turning your book into a captivating keynote speech. Learn how to share your message with impact, whether on stage or in virtual spaces, and extend the reach of your book beyond the written word.

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