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Where It All Began. The Origin Story of Our (not-so) Fearless Leader.

In this tear wrenching episode with the wonderful Tyler Skinner, Larissa opens up about how it all began. 

"Sharing this side of the story is hard but necessary," says Larissa with tears in her eyes. "My brand deserves this story."

**Trigger warning**
This episode discusses pregnancy loss.

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Using Your Book to Master the Art of Networking

The art of networking is pivotal in today’s interconnected world. Establishing meaningful connections can accelerate career growth, foster collaborations, and create opportunities that might otherwise remain hidden. Yet, the dynamics of networking are intricate, often requiring a nuanced blend of authenticity, strategy, and adaptability. And with the digital revolution, networking has transcended beyond face-to-face interactions to virtual platforms, expanding its scope and complexity. In this series, we would like to discuss the art and science behind effective networking. We are talking to seasoned professionals, career coaches, networking experts, and thought leaders who’ve mastered both traditional and online networking techniques. As part of this series, we had the pleasure of interviewing Larissa Soehn.

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A Good Ol' Fireside Chat with Some Well Established Authors!

Curious what it's really like to be an author? This conversation is for those that want to get to know our CEO on a more personal note and hear about her journey to becoming an author.

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Secrets of a High Demand Coach: Boosting Your Business by Writing a Book 

In this myth-busting episode, Larissa Soehn, CEO of Next Page Publishing, shares how she guides her clients to write their own books to show off their expertise in their field thus helping their business grow.

You will discover:

- Whether or not you should write a book

- What the key to success is for aspiring authors - and why so many entrepreneurs already have it

- The truth about the many myths that surround book publishing

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How to Write a Book and What it Can do for Your Business

How to write a book as a new author might seem very scary and a very big task.  Larissa Soehn, who is a top selling author of science fiction and “how to” books, explains how to write a book and what it can do for your business.   Don’t delay, listen to this great podcast and get your book written before the end of the year! In this podcast you will discover:

  1. What is a book coach and ghostwriter
  2. How can a book help boost a business
  3. Why should everyone write a book
  4. What does it take to write a book
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