Crafting Creativity: From Collaborative Books to Solo Stories with Adelle Brianne

Season #3

In this podcast episode, host Larissa Soehn interviews Adelle Brianne, an international best-selling author and website expert with 25 years of experience. Adelle is passionate about helping women build profitable businesses using digital marketing strategies. She shares her journey into collaborative book projects, discussing the inspiration behind her involvement and the valuable relationships formed through these ventures. The conversation delves into Adelle's transition from multi-author collaborations to writing her solo book, which explores erotica intertwined with memoir elements. Adele emphasizes the importance of market research and personal reflection in shaping her writing process. Larissa highlights the significance of carving out dedicated alone time for writing, offering practical advice for aspiring authors. Listeners gain insights into strategic marketing, website development, and the creative process behind writing, as Adelle shares her expertise and personal experiences. The episode concludes with Adelle offering a valuable resourceβ€”a free website plannerβ€”to help individuals streamline their website creation process.


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