It doesn't have to be so hard! with Safrianna Lughna

Season #3

πŸŽ™οΈ **Welcome to I Wrote That**! πŸ“šβœ¨ In this episode, join us for an enlightening conversation with Safrianna Lughna as we unravel the technical intricacies of publishing a book. Here are the top highlights you can look forward to:

**Beyond Writing: The 40 Percent Aftermath:** Safrianna shares her personal journey from envisioning a publisher handling everything to taking control of the entire creative process. Discover why the last 40 percent of publishing is just as crucial as the writing itself.

**The Self-Publishing Adventure:** Explore Safrianna's choice to go the self-publishing route, the intricacies of registering ISBN through a hybrid publishing house, and how she retained creative control over cover design, editing, layout, and design.

**Three Days to Write, Years to Publish:** Safrianna's fascinating tale of writing her book in just three days for a contest and the subsequent journey of refining and editing over two and a half years. Learn about the unexpected challenges and the valuable lessons she gained.

**Pregnancy Loss in Fiction:** Discover why Safrianna chose to talk about her book on a podcast tour, exploring the profound topic of pregnancy loss in her novel and the aftercare plan for keeping the book relevant and impactful in the long run.

Tune in to I Wrote That for a captivating exploration of the writing and publishing world, featuring real stories and insights that go beyond the pages of a book. 🌟🎧 #PublishingJourney #WritingCommunity