Creative Minds Unleashed with Mardalena and Sean

Season #3

"Creative Minds Unleashed" is a captivating podcast that delves into the enchanting world of young writers, exploring their unique perspectives and imaginative journeys. Hosted by the charismatic Larissa Soehn, each episode brings together young talents and seasoned authors to discuss the joys and challenges of creative writing.

In this special episode, Larissa is joined by Mardalena Dean and Sean Smith, two extraordinary young authors who have embarked on their literary adventures through the "I Am An Author" program. Larissa kicks off the conversation by sharing her personal experience of co-publishing a children's book with her six-year-old daughter, emphasizing the humbling nature of writing with the younger generation.

The discussion unfolds as Martelena and Sean share their insights into working with young writers and the fascinating dynamics of creativity that children bring to the world of storytelling. Larissa, a five-time published author, marvels at the profound perspectives and unbridled imagination that young minds offer.

The podcast takes an intimate turn as Sean recounts his surprising journey to becoming a best-selling author with his debut work, "Burnout." Larissa delves into the intricacies of Sean's creative process, uncovering the symbiotic relationship between imagination, symbolism, and relatable storytelling.

The episode also sheds light on the "I Am An Author" program, masterminded by Martelena, which aims to nurture and encourage young writers. The program provides a platform for kids to express themselves, share ideas, and develop their writing skills in a supportive environment.

As the conversation progresses, the hosts and guests share anecdotes about the challenges and triumphs of the young authors, including Sean's unexpected bestseller status and Martelena's dedication to creating a space for creative expression.

With words of encouragement and advice from Mardelena and Sean, urging parents to support their children's creative endeavors and young writers to fearlessly embrace their imaginations.

"Creative Minds Unleashed" leaves its audience inspired, intrigued, and eager for more glimpses into the enchanting world of young storytellers.