Untethered with Dr. Elizabeth Wynter, author of Follow the Love

Season #3

In this riveting episode, host Larissa welcomes special guest Elizabeth, an author with a remarkable journey that transcends the pages of her newly released book. Elizabeth, a passionate advocate for young people in the foster care system, unveils the behind-the-scenes of her transformative experience in the world of child welfare.

From the moment Elizabeth entered Larissa's program with a clear mission, listeners are taken on an incredible ride, witnessing her transition from an idea to a powerful force for change. Larissa, having been by Elizabeth's side throughout, reflects on the awe-inspiring evolution, emphasizing the uniqueness of Elizabeth's commitment.

The episode delves into Elizabeth's motivation, rooted deeply in research on permanent connections for youth in foster care. Her dedication to finding solutions for the challenges faced by these young individuals is palpable. As Elizabeth explains, the crucial need for permanent connections becomes a central theme—a theme echoed by leaders across 35 states.

Through insightful conversations, the trio of authors—Elizabeth, Marisha, and Gailen—unveils their collaborative effort to bring about change. Marisha contributes the essential research component, while Gailen adds the personal touch, sharing impactful stories that tie everything together. Larissa praises the synergy of three distinct voices seamlessly woven into the fabric of their upcoming book.

As the book's release approaches, Elizabeth opens up about the anxiety she feels, having been a leader in the child welfare system for 25 years. She grapples with the responsibility to speak out against policies that may inadvertently harm the very individuals they aim to help. Elizabeth, in her candid self, expresses the excitement of being untethered but acknowledges the fear of potential repercussions. The episode unfolds as a candid conversation, shedding light on the challenges within the child welfare system and the urgent need for reform. Elizabeth emerges as a passionate whistleblower, not only sharing her experiences but encouraging other leaders to question the status quo. Listeners are left with a sense of urgency, compelled to join the movement for change in the foster care system.