Mistakes Authors Make with Bret Ridgway

Season #3

In this engaging episode, Larissa welcomes the accomplished Bret Ridgway to share valuable insights from his unique journey as an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. The episode touches on key strategies for authors, emphasizing the need to stay current with industry trends. Bret emphasizes the significance of active participation in networking events, live summits, and staying engaged to remain informed. The conversation takes a practical turn as both hosts discuss the challenge of maintaining relevance in a fast-paced industry. Larissa extracts actionable advice for aspiring authors, reminding them to avoid specific pitfalls, such as including outdated links or referencing time-sensitive events. Bret encourages authors to build evergreen content and modular speeches that can adapt to different timeframes and audience needs. As the episode concludes, the conversation turns to the delicate balance between adapting to industry changes and strategically choosing a niche. Bret shares cautionary tales of speakers who struggled to reinvent themselves after stamping their identity in a particular niche. Overall, the episode provides aspiring authors with valuable insights into the intricacies of the speaking and authoring world, offering practical tips for navigating their own journeys with success.