Warning! Coaches, don't even think of writing a book until you know this.

becoming an author Jun 15, 2023

Writing a book may seem like the perfect solution for coaches who want to build their reputations, increase their visibility, and make more money. After all, writing a book is an undeniable way to showcase your expertise, set yourself apart from your competition, and reach potential customers. But before you dive in headfirst with no plan of action, there are some things you must know first.  In fact, if you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to publishing and marketing, most likely your book won’t even make it off the ground.


The Myth of Overnight Success & Royalties

It’s easy to get lost in the fantasy of becoming an overnight success once your book is published. You imagine that you’ll become famous overnight and that royalties will come pouring in. Unfortunately, this isn’t reality. No matter how well-written or helpful your book is—it won’t sell itself. Publishing a book is just the beginning; you need to be prepared for the hard work of marketing it as well. That means figuring out how to make sure people know about it and learning how to find your ideal readers.


The Risk of Unsold Books

Books as business assets are great but they won’t generate any income unless people actually buy them. That means that prior to writing your book, you need to have a plan in place for how you will market and promote it once it is published. It also means that investing in marketing professionals who can help develop an effective strategy is essential if you want your book to actually turn a profit.


The Risk of Learning Curve Anxiety

Writing, publishing and marketing a book isn’t something most coaches are trained to do, so naturally there is going to be some fear of the unknown when embarking on this journey. This doesn't need to be intimidating though; with the right guidance and resources from professionals, coaches can become knowledgeable about the process and gain confidence in themselves as marketers and promoters of their own books.


The Risk of Overwhelming Yourself

It is easy for entrepreneurs and coaches to get overwhelmed with the thought of publishing and marketing their books since there are so many different strategies available (social media marketing, email campaigns, SEO optimization etc.). However, what usually happens is that people end up feeling overwhelmed by all of these options without taking action on any one of them due to lack of knowledge or experience. Working with experienced professionals who can guide them through each step of the marketing process helps alleviate this problem by providing focus and direction. 


The Reality of Mastering Marketing

You need to understand that mastering marketing is essential if you want your book to be successful. That means focusing on not only promoting yourself but also building relationships with other influencers so they can help spread the word about your work—all while staying engaged with past customers and cultivating relationships with new ones through email campaigns, social media postings, webinars, etc. It’s a lot of work but if it's done right—it pays off! 


So, why should you write a book?


The Benefits of Pricing & Time Management

Writing a book can empower entrepreneurs and coaches by helping them feel confident enough to raise their pricing without worrying about losing clients due to sticker shock because they have demonstrated their expertise in such a tangible way. Additionally, having written a book can provide more free time since you will no longer have to spend hours creating content for each individual client project—instead pointing them towards existing materials like blogs or eBooks. Finally, it gives you access to more stages where you can share your knowledge which broadens your reach even further! 

When done correctly, writing and publishing a book can open many doors for you or your business. It can help establish credibility with potential clients by positioning you as an expert in your field or niche. It can also serve as another revenue stream for your business if you decide to sell copies of your book online or at speaking engagements/conferences/seminars/etc.. Finally, when done right, writing a book also gives you more free time because instead of having conversations with potential clients one-on-one, you can now direct them towards reading your work instead!                                                                                                 

Writing a book is an incredible opportunity for coaches who want to attract more customers while building their reputations as experts in their field. However, it's important not to be fooled by the myth of overnight success; publishing a book doesn't mean millions in royalties or immediate fame nor does it guarantee success without putting in hard work first.

Writing a book requires diligent planning and execution in order for it to be successful - especially when it comes to marketing and promotion efforts - which means working with experienced professionals who can guide coaches through every step along the way so they can find success more quickly than would otherwise be possible on their own. With proper guidance from experienced professionals combined with hard work on behalf of entrepreneurs, they can become masters at marketing their books while also raising their pricing, closing more deals, and getting on more stages in front of bigger audiences!


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