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AutHER VIP Package

Catch the replay and build your own custom publishing plan!

Do you know the universal fact about being an author? 

The sad reality is that most aspiring authors, at some point, will struggle to publish their books to the point that they never publish.
It might be that the writing is overwhelming and your head is filled with doubts and fears about being published. Or, it might be that you wrote the book with ease, but now you have absolutely no idea how to make it a five star read, get it published and market it in a way that actually makes an impact.
At the heart of this event, we're helping aspiring authors with the basics: nailing down the art of writing a five star read and creating the plan for how to make your book successful. We're here to share practical tips on the writing journey and what to do after you've typed "The End."

What you'll get:

- Access to AutHER 2024 content for 365 days

- 50% off our Author Allies Membership (offer valid for 30 days after purchase)

- $500 off our Publishing Bootcamp, a 4 week program to kickstart your publishing journey (valid for 30 days after purchase)